Tuesday, May 26, 2009

If we believed in "arranged marriages",,,

...I would definitely pick her for Charlie!!!

How sweet is she?!?!?!!!!

This is Charlie's friend Hadley. We got together with Hadley and her mom at McDonalds for a play "date" last week. Aren't they cute!! Hadley is so sweet... she kept saying "Charlie, play with me. Charlieee play with meeee!". Charlie was playing a little hard-to-get, but he definitely likes Hadley and really enjoyed her attention. He was also very excited later to tell Daddy and his brothers that he "played with Hadley".


DESJ and Company said...

soooo cute!

Jennifer said...

Sooo precious!

Theresa said...

She is completely oblivious to hard-to-get so far. When she is about 13, (who am I kidding) 5, I am sure she will be MUCH needier when it comes to young men. For now she is just happier he is her size.