Saturday, May 23, 2009

That's a lot of mulch!!!

Note to self...10 yards of mulch is a lot of mulch....but, probably not enough. :(

Good thing we have so many boys to help spread all of that mulch.

"Mommy, I help ou, Mommy I help ou, MOMMY, I HELP OU!"
Charlie doesn't say things just once.

If only our "helpers" didn't get so distracted by bikes....and Wii....and spitting water on the sidewalk(?)!! Oye.


Katie said...

LOL! 10 yards is a lot! One year we got 5 yards and I thought that was a lot! I bet your yards looks very nice now too. Amazing what a little mulch does.

Anonymous said...

We did that last weekend. We had a big pile of mulch and dirt. The kids were in heaven. We're still not finished. There is still a small pile of dirt (great for riding bikes over) and a bigger pile of mulch. At least, the parts that are mulched look great. :)


Cathy said...

Very cute!! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun... but at least it was a beautiful day! ;)

The Wright Trips said...

Holy Cow! That IS a lot of mulch! Looks like you all had fun & the boys are so adorable!!


Jennifer said...

Really, just 10 yards. We got an estimate of 9 yards, and that's jsut for our front. We decided to take a pass... we don't have old enough helpers like you have :-).