Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday 2009

The boys were VERY excited about their birthday this year. Turning seven is apparently very cool!

Somehow, a couple of years ago, Dunkin Donuts on May 28 turned into a tradition. The boys talk about having Dunkin Donuts on their birthday everytime they see a Dunkin Donuts. It can be November and when we drive past a Dunkin Donuts, without a doubt, one of them will ask if we can have Dunkin Donuts....on their birthday. Ummmm...ok.

Thankfully, we remembered, and their Dad loves them a lot...and doesn't mind getting up early. Spencer picked up some DD before everyone was awake so, the boys were very excited to see the Munchkins waiting for them when they got downstairs for breakfast. It's the little things in life....

hmmm....something makes me think that Drew was expecting filling in that Munchkin.

We gave the boys digital cameras for their birthday. They seem to like them a lot. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! They are taking pictures of everything. We ended up going to Vito & Nick's for dinner. By the time we arrived, they had each taken about 70 pictures. It is great having the digital camera because it doesn't matter how many pictures they take, but on the flip side, I'm not quite sure how they are going to learn restraint. I mean, we don't really need 20 pictures X3 of the cars driving next to us on the road. ;)

or, a picture of each of the "Wipeout" contenstants.

or, a picture of me taking a picture. It's like I have my own paparazzi.

After dinner, we came home to a big birthday cookie. Since we were having a "family party" for the boys over the weekend and a "kids party" next week we didn't need a 3rd big cake. When Charlie and I went to Jewel to pick something out, I decided to use his wording for the decoration.
Happy 7th Birthday Brudders!!
We love you!

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Cathy said...

Hey... the cookie looks YUMMY!! I would have loved that instead of the cake on Saturday! But I have to say.. the "Wipeout SpongeBob" cake was very yummy too! I loved watching Charlie feeding SpongeBob some cake! It was too cute! ;)

BTW... let me know when the 7 foot rocket takes off... I would love to see a video of it and see if it really reaches 100 feet! ;)