Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eight Days...

Let's see, what Drew did for the eight days (leading up to last Thursday).
  • he went to the zoo,
  • went to the playground, like 3 times,
  • he played in a soccer game and was even the goalie for a quarter,
  • he went to a birthday party where he apparently participated in a game as a "human bowling pin",
  • he went to a Mother's Day party at Aunt Jen's where he was participating in all kind of silly games, like push a ball with your nose while crawling on the floor,
  • he went to school every day and advanced 3 levels in his timed math tests in 4 days.
  • he wrote, cut, colored, glued and played very hard on each of those 8 days.

And, the really CRAZY thing about Drew doing all of those things in the last 8 days, is that he did all of those things with a BROKEN ARM....THAT WE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT!

Doesn't he look fine?!?!

Oye! Obviously, we knew he hurt his arm. He hurt it last Wednesday night, about 15 minutes before Spencer and I got home from the airport. When we walked in the door, he told us that he hurt his arm and he was pretty sad about it. He told us that he was worried about his "handwriting" in school because his arm really hurt. We looked at it, squeezed it, moved it around and diagnosed him as fine. (Oops.) He moved on and never complained. When my mom and dad asked about it a few days later, he told them that it hurt for a day and a half, but is all better. Seven days later!, I noticed that he flinched when we were "practicing" handshakes at Cub Scouts. Hmmm....I looked at his arm again after Cub Scouts and noticed that his forearm was a little swollen. After doing the math and realizing that it had been 8 days since he originally hurt it, I knew that we had a problem.

I took him to the Dr. the next morning and found out, for sure, that he had a small break in one of the bones in his forearm. Several hours later, he was sporting a cool, new, red, waterproof cast. He was actually pretty funny in the doctor's office.

I think Drew was the only one in the room that was surprised when the x-ray showed that his arm was broken. After the doctor left the room, he kept saying "I really don't think that my arm is broken", "Mom, I really do think that my arm is fine". I think that in his mind, a broken arm means that it is really broken and pretty much falling off. LOL...he was *really* shocked that his arm was broken!! After he let that sink in, he followed it up with "Mom, I'm not going to need a cane, am I?".

"No way Mom! My arm is FINE!!"

And, for inquiring minds, he broke it while playing "Wipeout" in the basement. Surprised??? The 3 of them were playing Wipeout together and were apparently racing by crawling on top of big bouncy balls. Drew just fell off his ball wrong.

Charlie waiting "patiently" for Drew to get his cast. This poor kid did not have a broken arm, but we managed to get a diagnosis of an ear infection for him, as long as we were at the doctor's office. It was a long morning/afternoon for poor Charlie-Barlie and he only had about 2 minutes left of battery time on that toy. Not pretty!
Isn't he cute with his cool cast?!?!


Jennifer said...

GREAT POST... well worth the wait!!! Drew is such a trooper! Hopefully his arm is feeling better so I won't have to get him a cane for his birthday :-).

Scott and Jaclyn said...

Aw... what a tough guy!