Friday, May 1, 2009

Cracking up!!!

Look what Ben made in school today.....

It's a one-eared H1N1 with a mustache and bow-tie!!!

Maybe I'm strange, but I laughed so hard when I found this while going through his school stuff this afternoon. Do you think it is a conincidence, or does his teacher has the best sense of humor ever?!?!

I also read an article about how the Mexican people are using some humor to get through all of the craziness. The people are decorating their government issued masks, and making up silly songs and jokes. The people that make the Mexican soap operas have even instituted "safe kissing" on all of their soaps. LOL!

I'll leave you with a quick H1N1 joke...

Did you hear that Mexico is now a world power???

Yeah, now when it sneezes, the whole world gets the flu!!

Have a good weekend!!


The Wright Trips said...

Hilarious! Those boys already have a good sense of humor.

Cathy said...

Very funny Pig Ben... but all these jokes has to stop and we need to move on with our lives! It's not the end of the world. ;)

Kelly said...

LOL!! We'll see if you say its not the end of the world if they end up with a really local case and cancel school next week...I'll definitely get my money's worth out of my sitter if that happens. ;) And! I thought that was an excellent blah!!