Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Top 10 Reasons that I've haven't Blogged in a Week...

10. Fifty ba-gillion loads of laundry

9. Farkle, Bubble Bursters and BeJeweled...and NO! I'm not "addicted" to Facebook. It just really bugs me to not beat my "friends". Then again, at least I'm not in charge of the Mafia, or a Farmtown. ;)

8. Second grade spelling words like "crocodile", "crispy", "whiskers" and "porcupine". Oye!!

7. School pick-up and drop-off lines!!

6. 1/2 price wine and martini night at Paulie's with some second grade moms. (I never said that all of my "reasons" were "bad reasons".)

5. I've been spending an in-ordinate amount of time sanitizing my house with a can of Comet....thanks to the first cold of the school year, some weird stomach bug making its way through our house and the fact that Charlie is "mostly potty trained" in, he gets MOST of it in the toilet. Yuck!!

4. Google...I must have up to date information about the Duggars, the Gosselins, Jaycee Dugard, the Health Care Debate, Bonnie Hunt vs. Blago, the H1N1 vaccine, the weather and other people's blogs.

3. "Mommy play trains" Charlie definitely misses his brothers while they are at school!!

2. I think that I've over-booked our kids' extra-curricular schedule this fall. Maybe I'll get it right next year.

1. U2..... BABY!!!

Have a great week. I promise to do MUCH better blogging this week!!!


Cathy said...

LOL!! I was just wondering this today!! I missed you .. and it's really good to hear that you are still alive!! LOL!!

Can't wait to read your next blog!

Anonymous said...

I really missed your blog too!!! It is an easy way for me to stay connected with you guys. Thanks for doing it. Elaine

Tash said...

Are you kidding U2???? I sooo wanted to go to that concert. I also wanted to take Rachel to Taylor Swift , but couldn't get tickets (for a decent price , now).
How do you do it all??? You ARE a supermom, you don't just play one on your blog! Keep us "posted" your fans need you!

~~Mel~~ said...

Great sure have been a busy girl!

I especially loved numbers 9 and 6 lol.