Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The longest red light in the history of the world...

While we were driving home tonight, this is the conversation in my van while waiting for a green light. And, to get the full effect, realize that is conversation was not just spoken, it was YELLED across my whole van.

Jack: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Drew and Ben: ***just making lots of noise***

Me: "we are having pizza"

Ben: "what kind?"

Jack: "WHAT?"

Me: "We are having pizza"

Charlie: "I WANT raisins"

Ben: "what kind?"

Drew: "what did Jack say?"

Me: "one pizza is sausage and one is pepperoni"

Charlie: "I wan 'a go wimmin' (swimming)!!"

Ben: "What?"

Jack: "Is Charlie going to have sausage or pepperoni?"

Drew: "Charlie, are you a Bears fan or an Eagles fan??"

Jack: "Charlie say Bears Fan"

Ben: "Charlie say EAGLES!!"

Jack: "No, No, No, Say BEARS!!"

Drew: "Jack, wait, wait, wait if Charlie says Eagles, then there is more sausage pizza for us"

Jack: "Oh yeah, Charlie say Eagles"

Ben: "No, No, No say Bears!!"

Charlie: "BUT, I WAN 'A GO WIMMIN'!!!"

Drew: "When is daddy coming home??"

Me: "tomorrow"

Jack: "awwwweeehhhh"

Ben: "wait, what did Drew say?"

Me: "ask Drew."

Ben: "Drew, what did you say?"

Drew: "I don't remember"

Ben: "Mom, Drew doesn't remember what he said."

Jack: "Mom, what did you say we are having for dinner tonight?"

Me: "PIZZA!!!"

Ben: "Wait, what did Jack say?"


Drew, Ben, Jack: "Why???"

Charlie: "But, I WAN 'A GO WIMMIN'!!"

Anybody want to go on for a "joyride" with us???


Scott and Jaclyn said...

hahahahahahaha!!! I can SO relate to that! :P

Cathy said...

LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!! I can actually hear the boys talking (or yelling) as I am reading this!!

BTW.. welcome back!!! I missed you all week!! :)

Anonymous said...

Now you're peaking in my car windows! ;) I read this to DH and we both got a good laugh. I've had the same kind of conversation with my four.


Tash said...

You are an awesome Mom just for remembering who said what and what they said. I could never repeat a conversatin as well as you do.
your kids are awesome too becuase they provide great conversation! so what was for dinner last night?

Jennifer said...

Wow, this is some sort of record for you. I'm looking forward to an update soon. I'm sure you have piles of stories to share after being away for 13 days, but who's counting :-). P.S. If you're looking for an idea, I think Charlie wanting raisins after his surgery might be a good one!