Thursday, October 22, 2009

I carved a pumpkin!!!

LOL....not really. Spencer, Ben, Jack and Charlie carved a pumpkin. I put the candle in. But, using Charlie's logic, by tomorrow, he should be running around telling everyone that "Mommy carved a pumpkin". (If you are confused, see yesterday's post.)

But, seriously, our "Pumpkin Team" worked very hard and was very diligent.
Ben was an expert digger.

Charlie's job was to separate the seeds from the "gunk".

Jack took on the role of "inspector".
He remembered really liking to eat the pumpkin seeds from last year and wanted to be sure they were all out of the pumpkin.

Drew takes after his mom and had no interest in sticking his hands in a cold, wet pumpkin. (Yuck!!) He came in to enjoy the pumpkin lighting ceremony after all of the icky stuff was done.

I think my boys did a great job. Spencer copied the idea for the face from something he found on the internet. The boys picked it from about 20 different choices. They all liked it because it was labeled "Goofball". Perfect!! When the pumpkin was all done, Spencer asked Charlie if he thought the pumpkin looked "scaaaarrrry". Charlie said "no, he looks ANGRY!!". I jumped in and said that I thought it looked like a "goofball". Charlie said "NO....Goofball looks ANNNNGGGGRRRRRYYYYYY!!"

Hopefully, "Angry Goofball" lasts until Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! How much fun. I remember those days - Good job Coyles!!!! - Elaine

Tasha said...

I love it , it looks soooo perfect I have to ask: is that picture of the lit pumkin yours or the picture Spencer found on the internet-----it looks that perfect. "Goofball" is the perfect pumkin for your little "goofballs" (just to be clear I think a goofball means funloving and silly). Kelly , "YOU" did an awesome job carving the pumkin.