Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like my shirt????

"My *Dad* made it!!!"
Today was "Spirit Day" at the preschool. Charlie is in the Owl room so, for school today, he had to dress owl-ish.
Yesterday, Charlie and *I* went to the craft store to buy supplies to make a cool owl shirt.

Then, with Charlie's "supervision", *I* searched the internet for a picture of an owl that I could duplicate and *I* drew a picture of an owl on the felt that we bought and then *I* cut it out.

Then, *I* cut out eyes out of the white and black felt.

Then, *I* glued it all on the shirt.

Then, *I* colored and ironed on letters to the back of the shirt that said "Owls Rock".

Finally, I had to go teach the boys' RE class last night so, I asked Spencer to work with Charlie to finish the shirt by glueing a few feathers on the owl.

This morning when Charlie got up, he was very excited to show me the "shirt dat Daddy made". Then, he was very proud to tell everyone that commented on his shirt (lots and lots of people) that "Daddy made dat owl". He even announced it several times throughout the day, just to himself, that "Daddy made my shirt".

Isn't Charlie lucky to have such a creative and artistic Daddy?!?! I can't wait to see what he creates next. :-)


The Wright Trips said...

*YOU* did a great job! :) Too cute of a shirt.

Tasha said...

"You" are awesome, "you" are always there, "you" deserve a hoot for such an awseome shirt. It must have been a special "moment" Charlie and Daddy had together.