Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!!

Halloween 2009.

Let's see...we had a Mario, a Luigi, a Thomas and an Iron Man.

Charlie is all about Thomas. He loves, loves, loves Thomas so, that costume choice was obvious.

The big boys love everything Wii and Mario Bros. So, Jack and Drew decided to be Mario and Luigi. Jack has been using his Mario voice since we ordered the costumes. The costumes are pretty cute and if you add in the funny voices and the natural cute-ness of Jack and Drew, they were a hit.

Which leaves us with Iron Man. We know nothing about Iron Man. None of us have seen any of the movies and we don't have any of the toys. I was surprised that Ben picked Iron Man and he won't really tell us how he ended up choosing to be Iron Man for Halloween. In my opinion, Ben just picks out the costume at the store that he thinks looks the coolest. And, it was very cool...all shiny maroon and gold, with muscles and a mask. What more could a 7 year old want in a costume?!?!

The neighborhood better look they come!!!
Sean, Kiernan and Ravi joined in the fun.
"Mom, take a picture of Luigi getting hit by a train!!"
Mr. Sweet-tooth looks very, very happy!!
Here's a sneak peek at Wii's next Mario Bros. games...Mario vs. Luigi WRESTLING!!
Who needs candy when you have Doritos!!
And, how did Spencer spend Halloween afternoon???

Happy Halloween and Go Phillies!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I love the pictures. Sure looks like everyone had a great halloween. - Elaine

Cathy said...

That's awesome!! Looks like everyone had a great day! Love the pumpkin!! GO PHILLIES!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Great costumes!!! Glad everyone had a blast!!! And I hope the "P" pumpkin brings the Phillies better luck tonight!

Tasha said...

The first photo of the pumkin got me thinking right away ,then whe n you said "Spencer " I knew right away. Very cute boys, all five of them. Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

Love Luigi getting hit by the train - too cute! Did you notice how tiny those candy bars are now? You can eat a Snickers in one bite! Hope you got a few bites in!