Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Good Stuff Here!!

After months going by of not checking, I worked up enough courage to take a peek at the "site tracker" on my blog. Site tracker is a widget, or whatever you call it, that is on the side bar of my blog. It tracks information about visits to my blog. Really it doesn't tell me very many people have reached my blog, how they found my it, how much time they spent here. Pretty basic stuff. I like it for the feature that tells me how many "hits" I get. A couple of years ago, when I was really really good about blogging, I would usually get about 50-60 hits a day...which was a nice boost to my ego.

So, I have been avoiding clicking on my site tracker because it makes me sad to think about how I have let down all of my loyal readers. Since I have managed to throw together 2 new posts, with pictures, over the last 2 days (Woohoo!!), I thought that it was time to see how sad my numbers actually were.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the box and discovered that I already had 52 hits today!!! I was soooo excited that my peeps were still here and paitently waiting for another exciting edition of "Outnumbered Mommy". WooHoo, I was feeling soooo loved and "cool"!! I know, I'm a complete dork.

Well, it turns out that it is not a joke and I really am a complete dork. After a bit of digging, I discovered that most of my hits came from a Google Search for "outnumbered mommy". But, they weren't really looking for me, they were looking for some goof-ball blogger that steals material from other Mom Blogs and goes by the name "Mom Outnumbered". Mom Outnumbered got busted and the real blogging moms are mad, mad, mad. They are now tracking her down and letting her have it...kinda ugly. Fortunately, although some got misdirected to my blog, I guess it was obvious that my material was definitely not stolen material. Should I be insulted???

Now, I guess that I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if I'll be able to count my remaining peeps on one hand or two. ;-(

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, while doing my research about that CRAZY Mom Outnumbered, I found a listing of "Google Searches" that have brought other people to *my* site. It is crazy...I wonder if any of these people stuck around. How did *you* find me???

Here goes...

"wearing a swimskirt dumb"...I definitely never said that. I love, love, love the "mom skirt" on a swimsuit.

"strange child's gift"...I wonder which of my children is the "strange" one.

"my baby just ate moonsand"...bummer for you, I hope my post was helpful?

"ate little boys"...yikes, try the Moonsand.

"arranged marriage"...nope, I picked Spencer out all by myself.

"raising neat kids"...If this is what brought you to my blog, sorry to disappoint, but you are soooo in the wrong place. Much to my dismay, my kids are slobs. :-(

"zero birthday"...That one is for you, Jen.

"nice and fluffy escape"...I have FOUR BOYS! There is no "nice and fluffy" here. Weird that you got sent here.

And, my favorite "Triplet Mom's Rock"...I'm honored that Google sent you to my blog. :-)

This blog has the "Charlie Seal of Approval"!!


Anonymous said...

Ido check your blog pretty regularly. Even when you haven't posted, I like to look at your older posts. They make me smile - you guys are cute and fun. Elaine

Cathy said...

LOL!!! Love that picture of Charlie!! Thanks for the morning laugh!

Kelly... you know I read your blog like a daily newspaper and I still do (if there was something new to read). LOL!! I also go into your blog to get into Jen's blog! :)

Keep the stories coming whenever you have a chance... I will be the first ones to read! ;)