Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis is Cool!!!

Last week, Jamie Lee Curtis came to our elementary school. How cool is that?!?! Of course, it was for the kids...not the parents. And, since our school is sort of "overcrowded"... 850 Kindy-5th graders with a classroom trailer in front of the school, it *really* wasn't for the parents...because we wouldn't all fit in the gym. :-( So, all of the *coolness* of meeting Jamie Lee Curtis was lost on my 8 year olds, who had no idea who she was.

Thankfully, Ms. Curtis (as the kids called her) give us moms a "booby prize". To go along with her book, My Mommy Hung the Moon, all of the kids came out of school at the end of the day wearing a sticker. The sticker said "My mommy's name is _______________" and, "My mommy is good at _______________________________". Yay Me...I love Jamie Lee Curtis. ;-)

"My mommy's name is Kelly.
My mommy is good at taking care of me!"
Awww....isn't he the sweetest boy ever!!

"My mommy is Kelly.
My mommy is good at blogging and driving!"
Yippee...this is fun. Ben, make sure to tell Daddy about the driving part!!

"My mommy is Kelly.
My mommy is good at giving advice!"
Oh yeah...everyone should listen to ME!!! I hope Jack still feels that way when he is 13, and 17....and 35!!

That is why Jamie Lee Curtis is my new favorite actress!! :-)

P.S. And, if you notice something a little bit different about Jamie Lee Curtis, the next time you see her, it is because one of *my* Cub Scouts gave her the "cheese touch". Too funny!!

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