Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving on to baseball...

Ben and Jack played another year with the same group of kids that they played with last year.
This is their "mean" team picture. They weren't really mean. ;-)

Jack still loves, Loves, LOVES baseball. He kept track of his batting average in his head and could always give all of the details of the game. He was a consistent hitter and a natural at 2nd base. He had a great year.

Ben also had a great year. He enjoyed playing a lot of different positions. He also got a lot stronger as the season went on. If he made good contact with his bat to the ball....LOOK OUT!

This was the first year that it was "kid pitch". Ben really like pitching and got quite a few opportunities to show his stuff. It was a lot of fun watching Ben pitch. He was able to get a lot of batters out and his "style" was...ummmm...interesting. ;-)

Drew and Charlie were #1 fans!!
In addition to a great baseball season, it was also a very fun baseball season!! The highlight of the "fun" part of the season was the First Annual Mom's vs. Kids baseball game.

Everyone took the game very seriously.

Extra coaches were even called in...

Both teams fought very hard and the game ended up with a tie. It was a real "tie" too. I was shocked, I really thought the moms were going to kick some 8 year old bootie, but the kids played really well. It was actually a lot harder than it looks when we are yelling instructions to our kids from the stands.

Just wait until next year....


Cathy said...

Very cute post! Glad to see you bloggin' again! Missed ya! ;)

Night Owl Mama said...

how fun! luv baseball. You have some really awesome shots!