Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday...Mascot Day

After posting Charlie in his owl shirt the other day, I couldn't let this Friday go by without including pictures from when Ben, Jack & Drew were in preschool and dressed up as their "Mascots". Thanks for the reminder Jen!!

Looking back, I'm kind of embarassed that I sent them to school like this. I was a newbie mom and had been told that a lot of families get really into this and all of the notes sent home made it seem like a big deal. I remember the note came home just before Spring Break and recommended working on a costume with your child over Spring Break for this extra special "Spirit Day" at school.

I couldn't come up with a "great idea" so, I just bought pillow cases and a bunch of paint. I cut head and arm holes in the pillow cases and then "let them at it" with the paint. I can't believe my kitchen survived the mess. Three 3 year olds full of paint...YUCK!

I wonder if the boys even remember doing this. After re-living the memory in my own mind and looking at these pictures....I'm kind of hoping that for their own sake, they don't remember a thing. ;-)

BTW, just for the record (in case you couldn't tell), Drew was an Ant, Jack was a Bear and Ben was a Snail.


Deb and Dave said...

hahahha - that is adorable!

Hey, you could always pull these out when they're teenagers and have their girlfriends over! Nothing like embarrasing your teenager when they're trying to be all cool and everything. heehee

Jennifer said...

I don't think I would take Deb & Dave's advise... I think these pictures would embarass you more than them ;-). You've come a long way, girl!!!