Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm not doing a Picture of the Day...

...but, if I was, I'd use these pictures.

I worked for a couple of hours the other day attaching the most recent patches to the boys' Cub Scout vests. Every time I do that particular task, I find myself feeling proud for all of *my* accomplishments. How sad is that?!?

But, seriously, the boys have done a nice job. They have gone on all of the field trips that *I* coordinated, they have attended all of the Den meetings that *I* planned, they have earned all of the achievements that *I* researched and taught. And, they proudly wear the vest that to show off all of the patches that *I* glued-on...with love of course.

I did pretty well as a Girl Scout. I earned the highest award that you could earn as a Girl Scout. It was an accomplishment that I was always pretty proud of...until a couple of years ago when I my kids joined Cub Scouts and I learned the truth.

Now, the only thing that I have to say is Thanks Mom!! :)


Cathy said...

Nicely done!! Those are a lot of patches! ;)

Michelle said...

How do you get the patches to stay on? I use fabric glue, and patches are still coming off their uniforms.