Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pinewood Derby #3

I just realized that if Charlie stays in Cub Scouts for the full 5 years, we are going to participate in 9 Pinewood Derbys. That is a lot of Pinewood Derbys. We ought to win it at some point...after making 20 cars, plus the extra "little brother car" that Charlie has been requesting the last couple of years. Lots of practice...

Last weekend was our Pinewood Derby #3.

I included this picture of the track. Spencer has been talking about how "high tech" it is compared to what he raced his cars on when he was a Cub Scout. Now, in 30 years, the boys can show their kids the old-fashioned track that they used to race on.

Ready to go...

Ben's car is the blue one. It was a very cool car with shiny silver windows and a cool tail.

Jack's car is the green one. Jack did not care what it looked like, he just wanted it to be FAST! "Jack, what shape do you want your car?" "I don't care, I just want it to be fast". "Jack, what color are you going to paint your car?"..."I don't care, I just want it to be fast".
"Jack, do you think you should sand your car some more?"..."No, I just want it to be fast! I just want to WIN!!!"

The yellow and red car is Drew's car. It also has green sides. Drew wanted it to look like a skateboard.

Ben was the "starter" for their first race. All 3 brothers raced together in their first heat. Unfortunately, Ben's car ended up getting disqualified in the first heat. He had a lot of weight in the back of the car, which apparently caused his car to jump the track. He was a trooper by keeping his chin up when he had to be the starter for the re-do race that did not include his car. He was really disappointed, but he felt a bit better when he placed 1st in the remaining 3 heats.

Watching their first race.

Jack's car did pretty well, but Mr. "I just want a fast car" also put a lot of weight in the back of his car. His car ended up spinning out at the end of the 3rd heat and didn't cross the finish line. That 9 sec. penalty time ruined his chances for finishing well. He also was disappointed, but managed to keep a smile on his disappointed face.

Drew, on the other hand, managed to keep his car in his lane, for all 4 heats. It resulted in him placing 9th in the Pack of 55 cars, and he got 1st for his Den.
Although we often question whether Drew even has a competitive bone in his body, he does really enjoy winning when it comes his way!!

Here is Drew...before the Cubmaster even called his name.

I guess he knew it was coming...

So proud...

Den 8 Rocks!!

The discussions have already begun for Pinewood Derby #4. Look out!!!

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Cathy said...

Too funny!!! I love it!! I gotta see this event in person! Let me know when the next one is!

Congrats Drew!! Way to go Ben and Jack!!