Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Boys of Summer...

How cute are they!?!?!?!

Jack and Ben have been enjoying the summer as members of the "Chicago Blue" team (un-officially the Cubs). There team is doing pretty well. I believe that their record is right aroud 500, but, of course, the important thing is that they are really enjoying it.
"Tiger position"
It is impressive how much the kids have improved in a year. Last year, I think their team only got the other team about about 5 or 6 times. This year, a lot more innings end with 3 outs, rather than the 5 run limit.

Ben and Jack are both doing very well. Jack's favorite position is short stop and he loves to bat. He has great form and consistently makes contact with the ball. The last game, he hit the ball with a little more muscle, which was great to see. During that game, he hit 2 line-drives to 2nd base (the actual base, not the position). I was really impressed...unfortunately, for one of the hits, his brother had singled immediately before him and caused him to be "forced out" at second base. Ben was really disappointed to be called out at 2nd was kind of painful to watch, but that's baseball. Jack still LOVES baseball and talks about it non-stop.

Ben says that his favorite position (of the positions that he has played) is 2nd base. He also has had some really solid hits this season. He even managed to knock one into the outfield in the last game. Ben has a lot of power, but he needs to tweek his form a bit. I think he picked up some bad habits with his form from "cheating" on Wii baseball. ;) I know that I'm his mom, but I think that Ben has the potential to be an excellent baseball player, I hope that he continues to enjoy it.

"Coach Daddy" has also been working very hard as the 3rd base coach and also helps coaching in the outfield. He's really been enjoying being out on the field with the boys. I think he definitely likes this job better than last year when he was the bench coach.....none of the players have asked him to help them get their "pony tail through the hole in the hat" yet this year. I definitely need to go back and add a picture of "Coach Daddy".

I'll end this post with a short video of each of our sluggers...


Cathy said...

AWESOME!!! Maybe I better get their autographs now before they become famous MLB players!! ;)

Great Job Jack and Ben!! ;)

The Wright Trips said...

Ha, ha! Too handsome! I love the pics of them in their positions. I love baseball! I'm glad they are lovin' it & that coach daddy is lovin' it as well.