Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look at those geeky tourists...

Yup, I really did dress them in matching flag shirts to go visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
Doesn't everybody look thrilled!!

On the way out to Ocean City, we stopped for a night in Philly. On all of our trips out East, this is the first time that we ever spent any time with the boys in Philly. We got a bit of a late start leaving David and Jeannine's because of some crazy, late-night partying the night before by some little boys that we know.

Obviously, we stopped to see the Liberty Bell. We also took a ride on the "Philly Ducks" or the "Bus-Boat" as Charlie called it. It was actually a cool way to see the sights with kids. They were entertained by the open air bus and the stupid "quackers" and all of the boys thought it was pretty cool when we drove right into the Delaware River.

After our tour and a walk around town, we stopped and had cake for dinner (it is vacation after all). Then we caught a cab in the pouring rain and spent some quality time in the hotel swimming pool.

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