Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creative Parenting...

The boys each have a toy box in their room. The idea with the toy boxes was that it would be a place for them to store their treasures (junk!!). It is full of birthday party trinkets, happy meal toys, "art" and other junk that they have accumulated. I hate all of that junk. They never play with any of fact, they don't even have any idea what is in their toybox, but they are over-flowing.

So, I offered to buy them each a new box of markers, a new box of crayons and give them each a dollar if we take everything out of their toy box and throw it in the GARBAGE!!

Three big bags of garbage later, the toy boxes are empty!! Woo Hoo!!


Katie said...

that was brilliant - good job!

Cathy said...


I guess they figured out a way to get "rich"! ;)