Monday, July 6, 2009

I got a little carried away....

Today is Charlie's 3rd birthday. I was planning to do a post about his birthday and thought it would be cool to include some pictures of Charlie growing the ripe, old age of 3. But, the boy is just too darn cute. I found way too many pictures and this only brought be up until he turned 2. So, I am posting the pics, but will do a separate birthday post.

July 6, 2006

First trip to the "Jersey Shore" and first hurricane.
6 weeks old

All locked up...poor Charlie.

First time he was denied an "adult beverage"
nice try!


The Wright Trips said...

Oh my gosh, Kelly! Those pictures are awesome. There is no way you could just pick a few! :) Charlie is absolutely beautiful. I love the "adult beverage" one. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Anonymous said...

I hope Charlie had a very Happy Birthday!!!


Jennifer said...

THis is my kind of post... lots of adorable pictures!!!