Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!!

So, I've agreed to swim tonight in a "parent's relay". It is supposed to be a fun little thing for the kids on the swim team to enjoy....watching their parents look silly. It did sound like a lot of fun last week, when I agreed to do it, at the BAR!, while I was out with a lot of other fun moms. "Oh, you need someone to swim backstroke on your relay team? Sure.....I know how to swim back stroke..... sure..... I'll be happy to join your team...woo hoo....the boys will love it....mom's swimming in a race".

Yup, it sounded like a fantastic idea *that* night.

I now have a couple concerns...

I haven't done backstroke since I was on a swim team when I was 12. I did the math this morning, I was 12 years old TWENTY-FIVE years ago! OMG, that cannot be possible...it's like my silver anniversary of being 12 and on a swim team...unbelieveable!!! Grrr...anyway, I do know how to swim and am not worried about drowning, and I am pretty sure that I won't need to grab on to the lane line ;) but I'm a little worried, ok, a lot worried, about my ability to swim straight. I don't want to look like a big dummy in the pool zig-zagging back and forth.

My second concern, and it's a big one, is that I'm guessing that my tankini/swim skirt combo is not really appropriate swim attire for the big race. I was thinking that I just wouldn't wear the cute mom swim skirt and I'd be ok. I'm not thrilled about going out in public without the "mom skirt", but it will be dark and maybe I'll swim so fast that people won't notice my white, flabby thighs. :)

Problem solved..... until yesterday...... when it occurred to me that there was no way that I was going to swim backstroke across the pool with a tankini top. I surely wouldn't be able to swim straight with one hand swimming and the other hand making sure that my tankini is covering my long, ugly torso with the giant vertical c-section scar. I reallly should have negotiated swimming the breast stroke leg of this race. But, of course *that* didn't occur to me at. the. BAR! So, this morning, I drug my 4 little boys to Sports Authority so that I could try on bathing suits. As if trying on bathing suits isn't fun enough, I had lots of company...Fun. Fun. Fun!!!

So, if you are not doing anything tonight and you need a good laugh. Head over to our pool. You'll find me on the only all-female (did not know that when I signed up!) team. But, don't be late because I'll be going first (didn't know that either!).

I am definitely making a mental note to not agree to anything on "mom's night out at the bar" any more! I'll be sure to update with the results tomorrow...no pictures!!


Anonymous said...

You will do awesome!!! How can you not?? You have Drew coaching you right?? Have fun. - Elaine

DESJ and Company said...

oh c'mon....we MUST see pics!

Katie said...

so the best idea's are not born in the bar? LOL! Hope you had fun at least and yes I agree we need pictures.

Rich said...

Katie has it wrong. All the best ideas come from a bar. We just forget how great they are AFTER we've left the bar.

So....were you a winner?

Jennifer said...

So where's the follow-up e-mail? I am really curious how it went. Plus, I want to see pictures too :-).

Tash said...

I knew I shouldn't have put my computer time on the back burner of my life ---now I missed out on such fun---I would have come in a cheerleading outtfit to support you!