Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Presents...YAY!!

We received a box in the mail yesterday from my Aunt Mary Ann. The boys get excited any time a box arrives in the mail, but they were especially excited when I opened the box and there were individual presents for each of them, with their names on them. The boys opened their presents and they were excited to get cars from the Cars movie. Charlie received a cute little piggy book. It was the "this little piggie went to market, this little piggie...and on and on". It came with a cute little glove puppet showing a piggie on each of the fingers and matching to the little piggies in the book. Charlie thought it was pretty cool...that was until we got the boys' Cars cars out of the packages. They are the sort of cars that they push down and pull back and then they take off on their own. These are really cute because they each do something a little different. So, the boys were playing with the cars in the hallway and as soon as Charlie saw them, his eyes about popped out of his head. He was so excited. He would run up as soon as one of the boys would let their car zoom and he would grab their car. The boys are great with Charlie and understand that he is a baby, but these were their new cars! They would let him hold it for a second, but then lose patience. It was not a pretty scene. Funny, but not pretty! Thankfully, it was just about nap time so, the boys were able to play with their cars in peace for a long time.

Below, is a picture that we took tonight of the boys with their cool presents from Aunt Mary Ann. Much to the disappointment of Charlie, the boys were all holding their cars and no spares were laying around. Charlie's cute book is on the floor in front of Drew.

Lucky for Charlie, the boys went up to put their pj's on a few minutes later and 2 of them left their cars for him to play with. Now he is a happy boy!!! A happy boy with macaroni and cheese on his face, but a happy boy none-the-less.

Thanks for the great presents Aunt Mary Ann and Ed!! ;)

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