Thursday, December 20, 2007

I love Thursdays!!!

Thursday night is "Date Night" in our house. Ever since the boys were infants, my mom and dad have come out every Thursday to watch the boys. I guess that I should clarify that they come out every Thursday that they are not on vacation. Now for most people, that would not even need to be mentioned, but my mom and dad do like to vacation a little more than most people. Anyway, Thursday night is Date Night and it has got to be just about the coolest thing ever!

They usually get here about 3:30 so that I can run some errands and they want to leave by about 8:30. This also allows Spencer and I get a chance to go out to eat, in peace, once a week. Besides the obvious benefits of being able to schedule hair cuts, do a little shopping, get a pedicure, etc. and not to mention how awesome it is to be able to have a quiet dinner with my husband that we don't have to worry about one or more of the boys being DONE before we are actually finished with the meal, there is one more really cool benefit that I had not considered when this whole thing started.

It is so cool to watch someone else play with my kids. When my boys were really little and Spencer still worked in the city, most of the days were spent with just me and the boys. I hate to say that I got a bit tired of them, but I am sure that they got more than a little sick and tired of me. During this time, I think that I lived for Thursday afternoons!!! You would think that I would be waiting by the door with my coat and purse for my mom and dad to show up and then run out the door. But, because I am not that organized, I usually had to hang around for a bit getting my stuff together. In the process, I would end up watching my mom and dad take care of and play with the boys. It was really fun to see my mom and dad enjoy them so much and to see them appreciate all of the great things that the boys were doing and learning. If you are ever sick of your kids, watch someone else enjoy them for a bit. My mom and dad would get so excited about the littlest things that the boys could do that I probably hadn't even really noticed. I would get myself so wrapped up in day-to-day stuff and just work on getting through the day that I would sometimes forget to take a step back and really appreciate what cool little men that we have. So, in addition to some shopping/pampering and dinner with a cute guy, by coming to play with my boys every week, my mom and dad were giving me a fresh outlook and renewed energy to make it through another week. See why I love Thursdays?!?!?!

Some of my triplet mom friends say that I am spoiled because my mom and dad come 'every' Thursday night. And, they are right! It is an awesome gift that for which I will always be
thankful. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

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