Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas was a success. I can't believe it is over already! It occurred to me how special these next few Chrismases will be for our family. I can't believe that with the boys already being 5 years old that there really won't be that many years left that they will really believe that a special man in a red suit drops all of their presents down the chimney. How could there really only be a few years left?!?!? It seems like we were waiting for them to "get it" forever and now, they are not too far away from really "getting it". That is really a bummer.

But, as for this year... They had a BLAST! They fully believe in all of the magic of Christmas. Each of them must have asked me 5 times if I turned off the fire in the fireplace before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. Jack said that he did not want Santa to "get fired". LOL!

A few weeks ago, they all sat on Santa's lap and put in their requests, or as they say it they gave Santa their "orders". Ben requested Webkinz and Moonsand, Jack requested Webkinz and Aquadots and Drew requested Webkinz and "a surprise". Those requests seem pretty modest and mild on the surface. Ha! Webkinz were no problem, well, no major problem. Moonsand will get a post of its own and Aquadots were taken off the market a few weeks ago, because if a child ate them, it had the same effect as the date rape drug!?!? I had probably asked Jack 20 times before he went to see Santa, what he was going to ask for and he had never mentioned Aquadots. So, I was a bit surprised when he got off of Santa's lap and told me that he told Santa that he wanted Aquadots. I told him that Santa's elves don't make them anymore because kids were getting sick. He said "now why didn't you tell me that before I told Santa that I wanted them for Christmas?!?!". I guess that Jack thinks I am a mind reader!

Here is what the boys ended up getting from Santa:

3 scooters
The Webkinz that they had requested and one bonus Webkinz each, for a total of 8 from Santa
3 saucer sleds
3 books
1 puzzle
3 Power Rangers
Cars Movie
an inflatable solar system
Transformer game

They were so excited on Christmas morning!! Those crazy Webkinz sure got them excited and they have really been enjoying the scooters...mostly on my new floors. They are still making their way through the rest of their loot as well as all of the treasures that they got from their grandparents, cousin and aunt and uncle. It is a fun week.

Here are a few pictures.

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