Saturday, December 22, 2007

So, my sister and her husband are having triplets...

As of today, my sister is 24w3d pregnant with triplet boys! I guess my claim to fame is gone, or at least shared with my sister, which is really as good as GONE! Additionally, since most of the friends that I see often are from my triplet mom's group, my "family world" is on a collision course with my "friends world". It is quite strange if you actually think about it. My sister informed me that she went back and "looked up" all of my old posts in the Yahoo triplet mom's group that we now BOTH belong to. I haven't had a chance to check, but I hope there is nothing posted there that I would not have posted if I knew one of my closest family members would be reading them!

Aren't they cute!!!
June 2007 - They have no idea what they are in for. :)

Really though, we couldn't be more excited to have 3 more boys in our family. It is a really unique situation and we are so excited and blessed to be part of it. I told her from the beginning that nobody was going to enjoy this show more than Spencer and I. ;) At her shower a few weeks ago, we figured out that she, oops THEY, should go through about 24 diapers/day at the beginning. LOL!!

Because a lot of my friends also have triplets or twins (us moms of multiples have to stick together), my boys do not yet understand the uniqueness of their tripletness. Whenever they talk about a new friend, they will inevitably ask me "is he a triplet? how about a twin? wow, he's a SINGLETON, just like Charlie!" Charlie is the odd one in the group. The boys just don't get that people do not usually have more than one baby at a time.

So anyway, because of the riskiness of the pregnancy, I did not mention to the boys early on that Aunt Jen and Uncle Craig were going to have a baby, or babies as the case may be. Back in October, Jen and Craig bought a new house. When we went to see it the first time, I had forgotten that my dad had gone over shortly after they moved in and set up the cribs for the new babies. The boys were excited to see the new house and quickly started their own self-directed tour. A few minutes later, we could hear a lot of laughter coming from upstairs. Drew came running down the stairs and said "Mom, you've got to come see the crazy room that they have up here". That is when I remembered about the cribs. Jen was right there so I told her that I had not told the boys about the babies yet and that she should go up and tell them about their soon-to-be cousins. So, she was very excited to share her unique and exciting news. Imagine her surprise when they weren't surprised at all! She said "well boys, the reason that there are three cribs in here is because............Uncle Craig and Aunt Jen are going to have THREE babies!!!" The boys were like, ok, and then they went back to what they were doing.

Too funny! Hopefully, they did not hurt her feelings, but I swear Jen, the rest of us think it is really cool! ;)

I wonder how old the boys will be before they realize that being triplets is pretty unusual. I was watching the boys a few months ago and was thinking about how over the past few years, I considered this whole triplet thing as such a cool experience for Spencer and I. I'm the mom of triplets, not too many people have an experience like that. But that day that I was watching them, I started to think of it a little different, I realized that it is actually so cool for them that they are a each a triplet! It is a part of who they are and will always be. Nobody will care that I am a mom of triplets when my triplets are 40 years old, but it will always be a very special part of who they are.

Jen and Craig, you are in for a wild ride, Enjoy it!!!

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