Monday, December 10, 2007

The story that made me realize that I really should be writing this stuff down...

The boys have never really been into "lovies". They each have had stuffed animals that they really like, but they have always had several "favorites" at a time. Each of them pick 2 stuffed friends to sleep with each night, but those 2 friends change every night. They have never really been that attached to any one stuffed friend...that was until Drew fell in love with this little dog.

I don't even know where it came from or when it showed up in our "zoo" of stuffed friends. But, one day, Drew declared it his favorite and named it "Winnie". Big deal....right?...wrong! Our boy genius, that has been reading and sounding words out since he was 2, pronounces Winnie's name as "Wienie". Still not a big deal; unless you consider the fact that he loves to talk about his favorite stuffed friend with other people...lots of other people. And still not a big deal unless you actually listen to him.

It really hit me one day when I sort of overheard a conversation that Drew had with one of the employees from where I used to work. This happened when Drew was 4. First of all, Drew does not usually just call him Winnie, it is always "MY Wienie". So anyway, a lady that I used to work with was showing Drew a picture of her pets. Drew was quite conversational. His end of the conversation went something like this "My Wienie is my pet", "My Wienie is a girl", "I really love my Wienie", "I sleep with my Wienie". My ex-co-worker must think that we are nuts! It is just crazy how Winnie works his way, oops, her way into so many conversations. My sister and I were getting together for an afternoon last winter. Spencer told the boys that it was "boy day" at home because Mommy and Aunt Jen were going to do "girl things". When I was getting ready to leave, Drew came to find me with Winnie. "Mom, you have to bring My Wienie with you to go out with Auntie Jen because she's a girl, Mom. Did you remember that My Wienie is a girl." How could I forget!

The truth of the matter is that Drew loves "His Wienie" very much and we are happy for him. I wish that he would have chosen a different name, but maybe it will all be worth it on the day that he reads this entry with a full understanding of what a wienie is usually referring too. Love ya Drew!!!

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