Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Traditions

The boys came home from kindergarten with a home-school connection assignment, aka homework. Their assignment was to draw a picture and write a few sentences about their family holiday traditions. I was pretty impressed with the results. They did it all on their own, with the exception of me spelling a few words and writing out what Ben wanted his to say. Here is a copy of each of theirs, with a translation.

"It is fun when its Christmas! I love when I visit Santa Claus and when I go out in snow and when I get Christmas presents and we are good boys. "


"This is my family and we are celebrating Christmas. We are decorating our Christmas Tree, those are stockings. This is how we celebrate Christmas"


"When it's winter I docurate (decorate) my Christmas Tree and all about Christmas. Christmas is a holiday that we all get toys and we thank God for all toys and the best about Christmas is Santa The Lory about Christmas is we thank God fory toys and the song Joy to the World. Have a merry Christmas for a happy new year."


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