Monday, February 2, 2009

Charlie's New Hat...

Charlie got a new hat.

It was on "clearance" at Target. How this adorable hat did not sell out, and ended up on clearance is beyond me. But, anyway, Charlie likes his new hat.....a lot!!

He has learned to put it on himself and wears it all the time! Sometimes, he even wears it outside....with a coat. :)


Cathy said...

Is that Lighting McQueen from Cars??

Too funny... this post made me think of that commerical where the little school boy wore his hat all the time... he even slept with it!! And his mother took it off while he was sleeping to wash it and he had it back on the next morning on the bus to school. It was a laundry detergent commerical... but a cute commerical.

Hey.. it could have been Charlie on that commerical!!

Charlie... I love your new hat and your smile is even brighter than your hat!! :)

Cathy said...

BTW Kelly... what are you feeding this kid!! He is getting so big that I am getting him confused with his brothers in the pictures!!

I thought the first photo was Drew!! LOL!!

Tasha said...

It's really not the hat that is adorable, it's who is wearing it who is adorable. If Charlie had done a commercial for the hat it would have sold out!