Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was in Meijer one day a few years ago. The boys had just turned 4 and I was 8+ months pregnant with Charlie. Since it was "summer vacation", everyone had to come with me to do our weekly grocery shopping. Got the visual?? Not pretty.

The boys were good, but at a tough age for grocery shopping. They were too big to ride in the cart, but too little to understand that other people need to shop and they can't take up the whole aisle. And, they still to required A LOT! of reminders about not touching. Basically, it was a big preggo me, pushing a huge cart full of food saying "don't touch" and "move out of the way" about a million times.

Needless to say, we survived. By the time we got to the cashier, I felt like I had accomplished a pretty big task and was feeling pretty proud of myself. The cashier was very nice and started talking to me. Of course, she asked if the boys were triplets and then commented about how well they were behaving.

The lady behind me in line was listening and jumped right in and responded to the cashier..."well, ya know, having triplets is easier than having one baby".

Me (dumbfounded, obviously, this lady did not come across us while we were actually shopping) - "uuuuuhhhhhh....excuse me?"

The crazy lady: "yeah, that's right, because my brother's sister-in-law's uncle's grandson's next door neighbor (or something like that) has triplets and....they said that once they are 6 months old, they start entertaining themselves. Where as if you only have one baby, the parent has to play with it."

So, there you go folks, the secret about having triplets is finally out. I guess that I'll go grab my last Pepsi and my bag of sweedish fish now and watch my 6 year olds entertain themselves until I have to drag myself off the couch to make dinner.


Cathy said...

LOL!!! Too funny but true!! ;)

msmichelel said...

the things people say, lol!!

Theresa said...

She who said that has never potty-trained, or did homework with triplets..... and is the dsame woman who thinks my 10 yr old son is probably a "big help" with the triplets

Anonymous said...

Kelly, did have to post it and let our secret out? ;)


Jennifer said...

You must have made it look easier than it was. Nobody has ever said that to me :-).