Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In honor of it being Triplet Tree Dinner night,

I thought I would talk about one of the small reasons that I love hanging out with my triplet mommy friends.

Actually, to clarify, I love going out, with anyone, well anyone that is fun....Spencer (of course!!), family, moms with lots of kids, moms not a lot of, people with no kids....I'm not picky, I like going out!! But, my triplet mommy friends do rock and have an understanding for some things that moms without a whole bunch of little kids don't always "get".

Last week, I was at Charlie's Mommy & Me class at the park district. Some of the moms were talking about strep throat. I happened to mention that last year all 4 of my kids got strep throat at the same time. Remember that??? I then continued about how *happy* I was when we were at the doctor and all 4 of the strep tests came back POSITIVE!! Talk about killing a conversation. It was silent!!! Everyone just stared at me like they were trying to decide whether or not to call DCFS because it must be some sort of child abuse for a mother to be be HAPPY that all 4 of her kids tested positive for strep.

Ummmm....yeah. Oooops. Thank goodness it was the last class for that session! Maybe I'll never see those women again.

But seriously, these women could not possibly understand how miserable our house would have been for the month that it would have taken for strep to go through all 4 of my kids! And, if they would have continued to re-infect eachother, it could have gone on for longer...we might have still been fighting it now! Yeah, and with my small army of kindergarteners, we could have had an least in the 3 morning kindergarten classes. ;) In a house with 4 little kids, they all get everything that any one of them gets. I don't love my kids any less than those moms because I was happy that my kids had strep that day, instead of 2 weeks from then. In, Out, On with our lives!! Woo Hoo!!!

My triplet mommy friends would be all excited with me about my strep x4 story. In fact, that day, I think that I probably called my triplet mom friend, Mishelle, on the way home from the doctor to share my good fortune. Triplet moms get it!!!

So there.


Scott and Jaclyn said...

ha... so true! I remember how happy I was when they all got chicken pox...

Samantha said...

Hey Kelly, I had a great time with you guys last night! I'm already looking forward to the next one ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!


msmichelel said...

Kelly - I don't have triplettes and I don't have 4, but I am the same way - I would rather they all get it at once! (Am I a mean mom too, LOL!!)
Right now, I think Trevor has fifth disease (he has the rash). Ryan and I had it right before Christmas.

Tash said...

I'm not a triplet mom, but I got it, without reading on......I guess it's because I just get you----those others must have been alien Moms.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean because you have that shared experience with the other triplet moms that no one else can really understand if they're not actually in that situation.

I feel the same way about the cf moms that I have met. They sometimes just get things instantly without needing to explain it.

oh, and I'm just catching up on your blog - so keep blogging!