Monday, February 23, 2009

Scattered Monday Thoughts...

Jack is home sick today.

He was pretty sick over the weekend with a sore throat and fever. He also puked on me! yesterday. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!! Ewww!!! That is the LAST time that I get up a jump on a Sunday by jumping in the shower and getting dressed for church first thing in the morning. Yuck!! But, back to Jack...he has been pitifully sick since Friday night. Jack really does not like being sick and is typically a tough patient. But, he was definitely a trooper this weekend. He pretty much just laid around. When I asked him how he felt, he usually said "ok", or "fine", but he did not move much from the couch, which is sooooo Un-Jack. Poor guy. :(

This morning, he did not have a fever, but he is still pretty mopey so, I decided to keep him home from school. He actually seems a little giddy about it, whichis strange because he LOVES €school. I think he is very interested in knowing what goes on all day while he is at school. He quite often wants a complete recap of my day with Charlie. Which is funny considering when I ask him what he did at school, his answer is usually something to the effect of "we had gym". That's it. Yet, when he asks me what I did, I have to start at the beginnig of the morning and then answer a string of "and then what?"'s. I don't understand what his fascination is with how many times I moved the laundry, but he is interested and today he gets to witness my exciting day first hand!

I am in denial that the rest of the kids are going to get this yucky virus too. It is sorta like when we get a fluke 60 degree day in January and I allow myself to think that maybe, just maybe this is the start of spring. Not gonna happen, but I can dream.


We got a couple inches of snow this weekend. EVERYONE is sick of winter. Obviously, I have been sick of winter since November 15th, but the boys are even sick of it now. I didn't even know that 6 year olds could get tired of snow. But, Ben and Drew didn't even bring their snow pants and boots to school today, which means that they will have to stay on the blacktop at recess and won't be allowed to play in the snow. I left the decision up to them and they both left their boots and snow pants at home and opted for "kickball on the blacktop".


So, Lent starts on Wednesday. I'm going to give up SudOku on Facebook and Pepsi. Ugh!! I love Pepsi. The problem with giving up Pepsi is that so many things don't taste that good without Pepsi. Since I can't have Pepsi, I might as well be giving up McDonalds, chips and salsa and a bunch of other yummy things. So, when Easter finally gets here, there should be a whole new skinnier, healthier, more productive me.

My problem with today is that since my Pepsi days are numbered, I would really like to get some McDonalds for lunch today. Having Jack home kind of throws a major wrench into that plan. I don't think that giving a sick kid McDonalds is a great idea. Plus, he would totally tell his brothers and everyone would think that staying home from school means McDonalds! But, I am desperate, I can practially taste those chocolate chip cookies. Yum!! This is so much easier with just Charlie....I mean I am not happy that Charlie is speech delayed, but there are a couple "benefits", like he doesn't tell anyone when Mommy goes to McDonalds and eats cookies.

So, that's my Monday in a nutshell and not a "NOT" in there. ;) Have a good week!!


Cathy said...

Awwww... poor Jack! I hope he feels better today! I will keep my distance from your family so I don't catch it! LOL!! ;)

Once again... you only have to give up ONE thing for Lent... so give up only Pepsi! ;) Otherwise you are gonna have a ton of games waiting to challange you on Easter! ;)

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Wow, your kids not wanting to play in the snow speaks volumes for how tired we all are of winter.
Good for you , giving up your favorites. Maybe you will learn to like Coke or Diet pop... LOL!!!
Feel better jack, and for the rest of the family, keep taking those magic Cold Ease :-).

Laura said...

OK, I have to ask....doesn't McDonald's have Coke products? How do you manage Pepsi and McDonalds? And I'll have to stop challenging you to Sudouku!!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I was wondering if anyone would notice about the Pepsi McDonalds thing. Pepsi is my favorite, but if it is fountain pop (yum!), it doesn't really matter to me if it is Coke, or Pepsi. So, I was saying "Pepsi", but really meant Coke or Pepsi. I should have just said POP!!!

Tash said...

Awe sorry for Jack feeling sick, I hope he goes to school tomorrow then you can take me up on my invitation for a fat Tuesday party. As long as no one else is home sick you and Charlie can come for a Mcdonalds lunch and some play time at our house. Let me know!