Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking over the airwaves...

Den 8 went on a tour of a local radio station tonight. It was very nice and the boys had a blast. Anyone that was listening to the station at about 7:00 tonight got quite an earful. The station was nice/brave enough to put all 7 of our six year old Tiger Cubs on live radio.

Here is a link to the debut of our future D.J.'s. You can jump the recording to 1:20 to hear their portion of the "show".



Cathy said...

Heyyy Juddeee.... come on Andrew.. sing along! You can make your first music debut!!! ;)

Great show guys... sounds like you guys had fun!! I could hear Kelly's laughing in the background... I know that laugh! ;)

Great job!!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome... Jack, I didn't know that yellow was a new color? What was the dj talking about? :-) Ben, You sounded very professional! Maybe you'll be a dj whenyou get older.
Andrew, I agree with Cathy... It's too bad you weren't allowed to sing with the Beetles.
Awesome joby boys and good sport Kelly for taking the Cub who would rather play video games!!!