Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cracking me up!!

Did you see this???? This is a "wanted" sign in Japan. Apparently, this guy is wanted in connection with a 'hit and run'. The police are using a Mii instead of making a sketch. I'm thinking that they are going to have some problems catching this guy!

We've got our own bunch of "shifty" characters that have been hanging around our house. Have you seen them???



Snappy D (Drew)




Grandpa...Hey, who let that guy in???

And, in turning on the Wii to get a picture of all of our outlaws, I discovered that we have a whole town of characters living in our Wii. I'm getting a little worried. Some of these characters are pretty scary looking. Thankfully, I didn't see that Japanese guy!!

This guy is wanted for "choking".

This guy is wanted for taking advantage of the choking guy.

Wanted for just being freaky.

LOL...Family joke.

What happened to this guy's face???

I'm thinking that my kids need more homework...


Cathy said...

LOL!!! This is too funny!! I saw some of these characters last week when Spencer was playing with Ben.
The boys are getting really creative and coming up with funny names for their people!! :)

Anonymous said...

Luke does the same thing on the Wii. He loves to make new characters and he comes up with some pretty interesting ones with some weird names. I guess it is just boys being creative. :)