Monday, February 9, 2009

I want to run...

Actually, I don't want to run. I need to exercise and I want to want to run. Does that make sense?

Drew brought this home from school. They are learning about the human body. On the brain page, he wrote "To keep it (the brain) healthy, I do exercise (if I have time)."
I'm totally with you on that one Drew!!!

Spencer is a runner...and he likes it....a lot! This guy on tv last night liked running so much that he got his foot amputated. It was a long story and I was only 1/2 way paying attention, but the short version is that he badly injured his foot in a motorcyle accident. The doctor fixed his foot, but not good enough for the guy to be a runner again so, he got his whole foot amputated because he liked running MORE THAN HIS FOOT!! I can't imagine!!!...I'd be like, oh well, bad foot, no running for me...WooHoo!!

This nice "spring" weather is making me feel like I want to start exercising. How can I learn to make running fun? Because is just really makes me feel miserable. Of course, I like the way I feel when I am *finished* running, and I LOVE the way that I feel when I have a little bit of breathing room in my jeans, but while I am in the middle of running, it just kind of sucks.

I need some motivation!!! HELP!


Cathy said...

Drew is so cute!!! I love his writing and his stories! I truly can't wait to read his first published book!! ;)

I hear you on the whole excerising thing... I want to get in better shape... and like you said... fit better in my clothes! LOL!! I am gonna bring the bike down and start biking since I can't run too much with my asthma... but biking, I can handle.

But how to make it fun...

Got a IPod? ...Listen to fun music or listen to an audio book of a book that you may get excited about. (This works for Winni and I while driving a 15 hour trip... remember what I said about the GPS)

If I was running, I would probably bounce a ball throughout the run.. so it keeps you distracted about running and you are doing two things at once.

These are just a few things I could think of at the moment... if I have more ideas... I will let you know.

Happy Running ;)

Anonymous said...

I;m with you, Kelly. i know I SHOULD exercise and I like it once I do, but getting motivated to start, that's the trick. no advice, but if you find the secret, tell me!

Jennifer said...

If you hate to run, I think you should find a different mode of exercise. It seems like if you find somethign you enjoy, it will be easier to 'get hooked'. For me, starting an exercise program is always the hardest part. Whatever you decide to do, just put it in your schedule for 3 weeks. By the end of taht period, you'll miss it if you skip it. Good luck!

Scott and Jaclyn said...

I recommend the Wii fit! It gives a great workout. I ache afterwards...

I hate running too... :)

msmichelel said...

I'm not big on running either. And, I only do the treadmill if I can watch TV downstairs (but our big tv broke, so we had to bring the little TV upstairs, so no TV for treadmill, sigh!)

how about having a WII fit playdate? LOL.

I was just talking today about wanting to walk to school and join a gym, but I just can't seem to get my act together!

Tash said...

Please do not amputate your foot!
Don't run , walk! I can't run on a treadmill and when I told my doctor (not making excuses) he said that you would really have to have some serious running to out benefit a walk on the treadmill. I am not wanting to even walk in this weather yet. I wish I had a wii just so I could do the wii fit. If we lived closer , I think the buddy system is very helpful.