Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ben's sick...can you tell???

and, he's sick tomorrow too.

Ben got sent home from school today because he puked at lunch. Yuck! Gross!!

So, he came home from school and finished his lunch, did a word search of baseball players, sang the lead vocals for his band on Rockband 2 (he even let me play the drums!), then he walked with Charlie and I to get his brothers from school. When we got home, he played with Charlie, played Star Wars on the Wii, ate 3 pieces of pizza, went outside and played with the remote control cars, played basketball and hung from the tree upside down!! Then he did his normal night time stuff and went to bed without complaint.

But, he did puke so, 24 hours of no school. And, you can't exactly fudge the 24 hours when he pukes AT SCHOOL!...not that I'd do that....I'm just sayin'.

The fact of the matter is that he does have a sore throat. He's had it the last few days, but no fever, no cough, no snot so, I sent him to school. His sore throat is what actually caused him to gag on his lunch and puke at school.

So, Ben, Charlie and I can enjoy the first 80 degree day of the year together. I wonder what we'll do. :)


Cathy said...

Hope you feel better Ben! Have a fun day with mom and Charlie!

Jennifer said...

Hmmm... it looks like Ben feels fine enough :-). Glad the weather was so nice on his *sick* day :-).

Tasha said...

A well deserved "sick" day----looks like he had the best medicine: a fun beautiful day with Mommy and Charlie