Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Zinger....

Jack loves the case you didn't know. ;)

Jack also loves Cubs shirts. I have made a deal with him that I will split the cost of any Cubs shirt that he wants to buy. He is up to 3 shirts. He is quite proud of his shirts.

The other morning Jack was having a "conversation" with Ben (well, Jack was really doing almost all of the talking) while he was deciding which Cubs shirt he was going to wear for the day.

Jack: "Ben, you know that I have THREE Cubs shirts!"

Jack: "Ben, did you know that all 3 of my Cubs shirts are different colors?"

Jack: "Ben, did you know that my Cubs shirts are really cool!"

Jack: "Ben, did you know that one of my Cubs shirts even has numbers on the back."

Jack: "Ben, did you know that baseball shirts that have numbers on the back are the coolest kind of baseball shirts to have!"

Jack: "Ben, did you know that I have THREE! Cubs shirts even though you only have TWO! Phillies Shirts"

Jack: "...and Ben, don't forget about my really cool Cubs shirts has numbers on the back."

Ben (finally): "You know Jack, I have a cool shirt for my team that you don't!"

Jack: "huh?"

Ben: "yeah, I have a WORLD SERIES CHAMPION SHIRT!!!"

Well, ok then.
BTW, I have no idea why Ben was wearing his hat on an 80 degree day.


The Wright Trips said...

Too cute! I love it!

Cathy said...

LOL!!! Good come back Ben!! But you just wait.... here comes the Cubbies!!!! ;)

Tash said...

A man of few words, that Ben , but that was all he needed. Hysterical, quite the zinger, but something tells me that Jack didn't feel to put out. He probablly went right back to talking about his Cubbies.

Richie The Kid said...

Ben rocks.

Jennifer said...

Jack, this is the year!!!

Miss Ellen said...

Good one Ben!!!