Thursday, April 9, 2009

Charlie has an ear infection...

Isn't that sad....poor Charlie!! It would be really, really sad except for the small consolation that now "yay!", medicine should take care of what I thought was a really rotten mood!

When I called this morning to make an appointment, I told them that I wanted to bring my son in because I thought that he might have an ear infection. The receptionist or nurse is always very nice, but she always asks me why I think he might have an ear infection and if he is complaining that his ear hurts. Charlie is 2, and speech delayed. I don't know if most 2 year olds just announce that their ear hurts when they have an ear infection, but none of my kids ever have.

In fact, with the exception of only one time, none of my kids have ever told me that their ear hurts and that is not due to lack of ear infections....all of my kids have had A LOT of ear infections! In fact (again), within the last couple of years, TWO children of mine have woken up in the middle of the night very upset and complaining that their "knee really hurts". The first time it happened, I was completely baffled about how a child could hurt his knee while sleeping. Since whoever it was woke up a few more times that night, and had recently had a cold, I brought him to the doctor to find out that he had an *ear* infection. Hmmmm....being a mom was tougher than I thought. However, I was more prepared the second time it happened with a different kid, but I still find it really strange. Are my kids that weird, or do other kids, even big kids, have difficulty explaining where ear pain is coming from?

As for today, and Charlie, and the nurse that I spoke to this morning, I just told her that "no, he did not tell me that his ear hurt and what makes me think he has an ear infection is that he is just ROTTEN."

She didn't ask me any more questions and we got our appointment. :)


msmichelel said...

Yep, I always feel like its an inquisition when I think my child is sick! And, its true, moms know best!
I hope Charlie is better soon!

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

You always write "cute"on my blog and I always write "funny" on yours. BUt it's true... you have a really funny life :-).