Monday, April 6, 2009

Go Cubs Go!!!

It's Opening Day!

Well, maybe not in Chicago. This is what we woke up to this morning. They already cancelled the White Sox game and the Cubs are playing in Houston.

Since it is a little tough to get into the spirit of Opening Day when there is snow on the ground, I thought I'd help you out a little bit with a fun little jingle.


The boys have also give their predictions for the 2009 season.

According to the boys, the 2009 World Series will be...

Ben - Phillies vs. Braves (?), with the Braves winning

Drew - Braves vs. Boston, with the Braves winning

Jack - Cubs vs. Tigers, with the Cubs winning!!

Jack thinks this matchup will happen because it is who the Cubs beat the last time that the Cubs won the World Series 101 years ago.

I think the "Braves" predictions were influenced by the Braves win over the Phillies last night...apparently the boys were really impressed with how the Braves looked last night.

The Phillies 2009 Record is going to be:

Ben - 90-72

Drew - 82-80

Jack - 85-77

The White Sox 2009 Record is going to be:

Ben - 75-87

Drew - 75-87

Jack - 80-82

And, the Cubs 2009 Record is going to be:

Ben - 90-72

Drew - 75-87

Jack - 99-63

Go Phillies, White Sox (I guess) and CUBBIES!!! Woo Hoo!!!


Cathy said...

Goooooo Cubbies!!!
I like the match up from Jack... I think that would be so cool!

Phillies and Braves in World Series... I would love to see that happen (as it's not possible). Good luck Ben ;)

Baseball.... here we come!! Maybe spring/ summer weather will finally be here!!

Jennifer said...

Okay, you already got me out of my "I can't wait 'til next winter" mood (see my most recent post). Thanks a lot! Go Cubs Go!

Cathy said...

BTW... I see that you got your camera back from Savannah!!!

Woo Hoo!! ;)