Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In over their heads....at SIX years old???

The boys all decided to play soccer this season. Ben played last fall. Apparently, Jack and Drew thought it would be more fun to *play* than to *watch* this season. Now, they all played soccer in the park district classes a few times, but other than that, and Ben's season last year, the are beginners.

So, Spencer takes the boys to the first soccer practice a couple of weeks ago. The boys looked very happy when they got home, but Spencer looked a little concerned. Apparently, the team is very, very good...and very, very competitive. Spencer said that one little boy come up to the boys when they first got there and said "I hope you guys are good because we only lost one game last year". Can you believe that?!?!?! YIKES, they are only SIX!! How can they be in over their heads at SIX YEARS OLD?!?!

The team has since had a few more practices and the first game. Fortunately, it does seem like a very nice team. The coaches are very good and seem great about meeting the boys at their ability and helping them improve. I really think the boys are going to get a lot out of the season this year...now Spencer and I just have to survive it. :)

Here are some shots of Ben and Jack from the first game. Drew was taking his turn on the bench when I had my camera out. I'll be sure to get him next week.

Unfortunately, their team did lose their first game by 1 goal to an excellent team. Luckily, the entire team handled the loss very well....even the kid that totally scared us seemed ok with the loss. Whew.


Jennifer said...

THose were ssome great pictures. Jack and Ben look to be very engaged. We'll definitley come out for one of their games this season!

tasha said...

We'll ahve to have the boys come over and practice shooting goals with Rachel ---she is the goalie for her team and needs a lot of practice---she is also a beginner.