Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Key Lime Cove II

Talk about great Christmas gifts...Jen, Craig, Liam, Aidan and Connor got our family another trip to Key Lime Cove. We decided to "use" this gift this week as a Spring Break Get-Away.

Do you think the boys were so excited about going back to Key Lime Cove?!?! Holy cow, they have been un-believably excited about going. They have been talking about going to Key Lime Cove for weeks...even their journals at school are full of stuff about Key Lime Cove. I guess that they haven't heard that everyone else is going to Disney for Spring Break. ;)

Ben was so excited that he made a "count-down" to count off the days until we were going to KLC. He stapled a bunch of pieces of papers together with numbers on them and tore one number off every day. Well, Ben was so excited that he kept tearing the daily page off earlier and earlier. It started that he would tear a number off each morning, then, he started tearing them off the night before. Well, he was so excited Monday morning that he tore off the last number and all that was left was the piece of paper that said "today"...which is great, except we weren't going to Key Lime Cove until TOMORROW!!

Also on Monday, the boys decided that we all needed to draw a picture, or write something about Key Lime Cove. I guess they miss homework(?). My "picture" is at the top of this post.

Here is Ben's picture...

Here is Jack's picture...

And, then, he wrote all about going to Key Lime Cove.

"I can not wait! We're going in 1 day. I'm going with my family. I am bringing 2 stuffed animals named Pandy and Ryan. Tomorrow, I'm going after lunch. Everything in there is awesome! We are going because Aunt Jen, Uncle Craig, Liam, Aidan, and Connor brought us tickets! I just Can't wait.


And, here is Drew's picture...

Drew also wrote an acrostic poem about going, which is great because now I know what an "acrostic" poem is. :)

You'll have fun!



So, now we are back. We really did have a great time. It is so much fun doing these things now that the boys are a bit older. Jack and Drew were a little bit too short for the Vortex (think... toilet bowl ride), but other than that, they all rode and totally enjoyed everything.

Ben was mine and Spencer's excuse to ride the Vortex. He was not scared one bit and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him if he was a bit scared. It never crossed his mind to think the ride was anything but FUN! That's my boy!!! I think he felt really grown up because he had those few important inches on his brothers that allowed him to ride the "coolest" ride...because who wouldn't want to know what it feels like to get flushed?!?!

Drew LOVED everything at Key Lime Cove. I'm not a country girl, but I really think the best way to describe Drew's excitement is to say that "he was as happy as a pig in mud". Seriously, the kid never stood still. Every time we asked him if he wanted to ride a different ride, or go to a different area, he acted like that was the best idea in the whole world! He'd jump up and down and start squealing and whooping it up. It was really funny and a lot of fun to see him so excited.

Jack and I ended up going back to the water park last night at 9:00. We had all spent the afternoon at the water park and then went to the room and got changed for dinner. We ate dinner and then spent some time (and $$) at the arcade. When we got back, at 9pm, Jack and I decided it seemed like a good time to go for a swim. :) We had a blast. I think we rode the water slides 6 or 7 times, cruised around the lazy river a few times and hung out in the hot tubs until the park closed at 10:00...2 hours past his bedtime. But, we had a great time! It was so much fun, just him and I, hanging out, in a really fun place.

Charlie's favorite part of the water park was the Lazy River. If you know Charlie, you will probably find this as unbelievable as I do. Charlie is not a 'sit down and relax' type of kid. He is ALWAYS on the go! But, something about floating in a raft just soothes him. He loves it. I think he could have rode in that raft all day. Yesterday, he was in it for well over an hour because I thought he was going to fall asleep. He never did fall asleep, but he sure was comfortable and relaxed. Charlie also slept in a big bed for the first time last night. He shared a bed with Drew and did really well. Charlie tends to not do so well in hotels, but he went to sleep with the rest of us at 10:30 last night and slept until Spencer woke us all up at 8:50 this morning. Yay Charlie....thank you so much...mommy was tired from party-ing with Jack until late until the night!!!

I didn't take any pictures while we were there so, if you need pictures, you can look at last year's pictures. ...the boys really haven't changed that much. I'm re-thinking my statement that "vacationing in your own town is a dumb idea"...this was definitely a lot of fun!!!


Tash said...

The best part about it was how excited the boys were. I'm glad you all had so much fun! Great "shopping " Jen and family.
What an awesome gift. A kind of gift that will last forever, the boys will always have these memories.

Jennifer said...

Glad you had fun!!!! Hopefully next time we can all join you. I know, I wrote the same thing last year! It sure would be crazy fun, though!

rae said...

sounds like fun... next time you guys make it over to Key Lime Cove we should all meet up for dinner or something... we literally live 5 miles from there! Glad all had such a wonderful time.