Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet our newest addition....

Isn't he cute. This new addition actually belongs to Jack. And, would you like to know what Jack named his new friend?? Get this, he named his new friend "Fat Face".


Now, Jack thinks his new friend is pretty cool...not many of his old stuffed animals can hang off of his bunk bed...not even Webkinz can do that...GASP! The name that he chose for him has no derogotory meaning to Jack at all. When I asked him why he named him Fat Face, Jack just explained "well, look mom, his face is kind of fat".

I just hope that Jack's future wife has a strong personality and good taste in names for my future grand-daughters. ;)

And, finally, if you were wondering who bought Jack a purple stuffed bunny, he is a BOY afterall, you don't have to worry, he was given to Jack at a store for "free". Actually, all of the boys got "free" stuffed animals that day.

A few weeks ago, I ordered new bedroom furniture from Costco. That's right, Costco. I fell in love with a picture of the set on-line. We have been wanting to redo our master bedroom since we moved in to this house 5+ years ago. I should have taken a picture of our room, but think eggplant (purple) walls and a navy and red plaid comforter, with country style furniture. Not cool. But, anyway, we found the set from Costco on-line and loved it, but were pretty nervous to spend the money on a furniture set that we had not seen in person. We looked around at some stores and could not find anything else that we liked so, we decided to take the gamble.

We had full intentions of painting the room, and getting the bedding before the new furniture arrived. When we ordered it, they told us it would take 6-8 weeks to come...perfect. Except, 2.5 weeks later, Costco called and were ready to deliver it. It came exactly 3 weeks after I ordered it. Great! Except, we so weren't ready!!

The furniture arrived early on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago. It is beautiful! I love it and am happy to say that I can highly recommend Costco's furniture. Of course, this meant that we had to do some quick shopping. Our new bed is King sized and we needed a new mattress...quick! So, that Saturday morning, off to the mattress store we went...with 4 little boys. Could you imagine the look on the mattress people's faces when we walked in with our crew of bouncing boys! ;) We did end up finding a great mattess that we are very happy with. The lady that worked there was "nice" enough to give all 4 of our boys a new stuffed animal. you think we paid too much for our mattress?!?!

So, that is the story of Fat he joined our family, and how he got his name.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new room. Cathy worked hard, really hard, painting it earlier this week. Now, we just need some accessories and it will look awesome!!


Katie said...

I can't wait to see it! I'm painting our bedroom this weekend and I think it will make it very different - bet yours is too!

Cathy said...

Hey Kelly... I took "before and after" pictures of your room if you want them... I have decided to keep a track record of my painting jobs. I did this as well for Maureen's apartment and thank goodness... because I took all the pictures down and moved the furnitures around to paint and I couldn't remember where they all went when I finished painting... the pictures really helped!! LOL!!

Nice name Jack! You are very cute!Can't wait to meet Fat Face! ;) I am wonder what name your bunny gave you? ;)