Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt today
And, we colored Easter eggs last night...
Charlie...very excited to see his egg come out of the dye.
Drew...very excited about his...ummmm...plain white egg??
We all really had a good time and everyone was really into it. It was definitely the smoothest egg coloring that we have done. None of the dye cups spilled and there was only minimal dying of fingers/hands/arms/faces/shirts/pants/walls/sinks/floor/table....etc. I also thought the eggs turned out really nice!. They are definitely the prettiest eggs that we have done...not a brown one in the bunch. :)

There was quite a bit of debate over the "prettiest egg in the house".
Ben thought it would be either his really colorful egg, or his Spiderman egg.

Charlie thought it would be one of the eggs that he worked so hard coloring with Daddy.

Jack thought it was either his dinosaur egg or his "playroom wall color" (??? our playroom is tan ???) egg.

Drew thought it was surely his multi-colored egg, or his "Wipeout" egg.

Daddy couldn't decide if it was his "Puttegg" (another Wipeout reference),
or his...we'll just call it, his Chicago Bear's egg. :)
I thought this simple, bright yellow egg was pretty cute.
In the end, we couldn't reach a concensus on the prettiest egg...all of them were so pretty.
One final picure of the boys, their eggs, and their best egg coloring apparel.

Have a blessed holiday.


Cathy said...

Happy Easter!!!

Have fun at your Egg Hunt today!! ;)

Scott and Jaclyn said...

Cute pictures. :)

Happy Easter!