Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!

We love you and hope you had a great birthday!!!

It's easy to see why you are loved so much. You are awesome Dad!!

May 2002
Jack & Grandpa's first snuggle

The Crazy Shirt Club

Hmmmm....I don't want to know.

Grandpa with Grandma and all of their boys.


Tash said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Mr. Coneelly! There are 3 lucky ladies 2 lucky men and 7 lucky little boys to have you as the Main Dude of the family....and the rest of us are just lucky enough to know you! Hope you had an awesome birthday and a plethora of wishes come true.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Mike!! I didn't know you are only 5 years old?!?!? Only 5 candles on the cake!! LOL!! Have a great day! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Great Post Kelly!!! We sure have the best dad in the world!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MIKE!!! - You have always been an incredible role model for us on how to raise our kids - you did such an awesome job with yours. Thanks for always being at all of our family functions - you are the BEST!!!!

Love Elaine