Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The main reason that I *had* to vote today...

Here is a conversation that I had with the boys last week.

Me: "Hey Guys, there is not school on Election Day. So, you can go with me when I vote."

Drew: "What??? *YOU* can't vote!!

Me: "What do you mean I can't vote?"

Drew: "Women can't vote!!"

Me (stunned): "Who told you that???"

Drew: "Mrs. Taylor" (His kindergarten teacher)

Me: "Drew, that is not right. Women, in this country, can vote. I think that you misunderstood Mrs. Taylor. She was probably teaching you about how it was a long time ago."

Drew: "I don't know Mom, Mrs. Taylor is a teacher and teachers are REALLY smart!!"

So, all 5 of us went to the polling place this morning so that all of my kids will always remember that women can vote...even if they vote for losers. :(

They had a coloring table at the polls. The boys made McCain and Obama signs...too funny!! Good thing it wasn't crowded when I voted, they might have got us thrown out for breaking the rule about advertising for candidates in the polling place. Then, they never would have believed that I really could vote. ;)

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