Sunday, November 9, 2008

One year ago....

I was just thinking about this week last year. It was a horrible week. We were getting our floors refinished in the kitchen/hallway/foyer and new floors laid in the living room and dining room.

I was trying to remember the whole chain of events and make it into an interesting blog post, but I was failing miserably. The post was just turning out to be long and boring. It's too bad that I didn't keep a blog back then. I'm sure that when I was in the middle of it, my writing would have been much more interesting and entertaining.

So, here is the abridged version. We were kicked out of the house for 8 days (2 overnights), Spencer was in Baltimore, or New York, or somewhere else really far away, for work, for a big chunk of the time. As if finding things to fill the days, out of the house, with 4 little kids wasn't hard enough, we got hit with a stomach virus. So, we were basically a bunch of puking gypsies for 8 days. Who would want a playdate with puking gypsies? It was such a miserable week.

I was so happy when they *finally* finished the floors. They really did turn out nice, but at the time, the only thing that I cared about was that they were finished and we could be home, sleeping in our own beds and puking in our own toilets....or as it happened, puking on our own new floors. :)

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