Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just an Ordinary Dinner...

It's November, and it's cold out. Time to pull out the crock pot and dust it off.

I figured today would be a great day to have a crock pot dinner because we have Religious Ed on Tuesday nights at 6:15. That makes for a CRAZY afternoon at our house with trying to get homework done and dinner made and hopefully eaten with enough time for the boys and I to leave at 6:05.

Tonight, I made some sort of chicken/cheese/rice/broccoli/mushroom thing. I've been making it for a few years and it is one of Spencer's favorites. In the past, I think that I made the boys each try it, but did make something else for them. This time, I figured that since they like *most* of the things in this particular dish, I decided not to make an alternative dish.

I have to say that there were mixed reviews...

"Wow Mom, this taste-ted much better than it looks."...ummmm Thanks Drew?!?!

"This is delicious Mom. I'm going to keep eating it until my bowl is empty"
Know that this is the ULTIMATE compliment from Jack. He has to be *persuaded* to finish his dinner every night.

After 10 minutes of "Aaaahhh Done", I finally gave in and made Charlie a hot dog...actually, 2 hot dogs. It wasn't that he wasn't hungry...he just really wasn't going to eat my chicken dish.
Ben has a cold and was using the cough to his advantage to get himself dismissed from finishing his dinner. I think he was one swallow away from making us really pay for forcing him to eat such *horrible* food.

Spencer liked it! I wonder what we should have for dinner tomorrow....oh wait, 3rd Wednesday, triplet moms' night out. WooHoo...Yay me!!

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Tasha said...

Send me the recipie---I need help deciding whats for dinner every night , I am a terrible housewife and Mom when it comes to having hot meals on the table every night.