Monday, November 3, 2008

I hate to lose...

...but, I'm going to vote tomorrow anyway.

I'm dragging my card carrying, pro-life!, conservative-republican self to the polling place with all 4 of my munchkins to cast a vote for RED, in this bright blue state that is Illinois.

After coasting through the last couple of elections with only slightly getting caught up in the hoopla, I feel like I spent a lot of time reading, thinking and talking about this election, the issues, and the candidates. I must admit that I am much more dis-enchanted with the politicians, the news media and the voters than I ever expected.

This country should really be ashamed.

We are supposed to be the leaders of the world and this is the best we could do! UGH! Neither of the candidates will provide a plan for running this country that can be analyzed, discussed and debated. The voters are all caught up in boosting their own egos and talking about what silly, inconsequential thing the other candidate said or did. And, can I just say that I am sick to death of everyone saying to "just vote". Hey, if you are stupid, and don't have a clue about anything that is going on in the world....DON'T VOTE!! I know that I am opinionated, and like to be right, a lot!, but seriously, I really don't have a problem with people that have an opinion that is different than mine voting for blue. But, dumb, un-informed people just should not vote. Political groups take advantage of stupid people...Stupid people should stand up to these groups and just not vote...let the people that are paying attention to the happenings of the country sort it all out! do you like that can almost hear "God Bless America" playing in the background can't ya? :) And finally, the media, ahhh, the media is an absolute, friggin' joke. I mean seriously, we are in the middle of a huge financial meltdown and our news has spent hours upon hours reporting on the cost of the candidates clothes and whether Sarah Palin was breaking ethics rules by pressuring someone to fire her ex-brother-in-law for tazering his 11 year old step-son! Seriously, fire the moron cop with the tazer gun already and lets move on and talk about the *real* reasons that our economy is in the toilet, what is going on with the war, why we owe billions of dollars to CHINA! and why that is sooooo not good! How about some real news!!

Happy Election Day....BLAH!


msmichelel said...

Hey Kelly - Sorry to hear you are this upset about the election! Yes the media does make it hard for some people to see the real issues, but then the candidates are not alwasy candid either (Palin saying no to the bridge to nowhere for example).
I am a woman, I am a mom to a special needs child, I am a catholic, still I can't vote for John McCain. I respect the man's patriotism, but I can't vote for a man who ran such a negative and outrageous campaign including picking Sara Palin for VP. I can't vote for a man that rewards and is in line with the "fat cats" and doesn't even remember how many homes he has. If he wants to cut pork barrel spending, then he should start with Sarah Palin's wardrobe expense. (yes this is a silly issue, but given the economy and his retoric about cutting pork barrel spending, well it just does lend itself for scrutiny).

OK, now that I got that off my chest I feel better.
Seriously though, I usually don't talk politics as it can be so devisive, and I try to be a "lets all get along" type a gal.
I think you are wonderful and so even though we don't seem to agree on politics you are still a good friend to me. (Try not to hold it against me for voting for Obama). wink!

FrenznickFive said...

i too voted today knowing that its kind of useless in my very blue state of michigan but hey maybe all the "just Vote"-ers would rather sleep in than stand in line at the polls and Mccain will pull it out after all :o) but i agree Mccain isnt exactly who i would have picked for the republican party! i dont really agree with him on some of the issues but i cant morally vote democratic! so mccain it is!

Anonymous said...

Well said Kelly. You go girl!


Kelly said...

Hey Michele, I appreciate your comment and always enjoy a good conversation about this stuff.

I find it interesting that the reason that you can't vote for McCain is because of his negative campaign and his VP selection. I have really been paying attention to this campaign and was wondering what specifically, you found so negative about it and what you hate about his VP pick? I saw a study a few days ago that said that something like 65% of the negative news stories about the candidates, in this election, were about McCain.

Also, considering that Obama spent way, WAY more money (like almost double) on buying votes than McCain did, I find it interesting that the biggest news story about spending is about Sarah Palin's dress. There are always stories like that on both sides, the difference is what the media chooses to report.

Honestly, besides the abortion issue, the economy is next biggest reason that I could never vote for Obama, or most other Democrats for that matter. I disagree that Republicans are only out to help the rich. I think that both sides want the lower and middle classes to be successful contributors to society, they just have a different approach to how to make that happen. If you feel better saying that you could not vote for a Republican because they are just a bunch of rich, fat cats, that is up to you. But, it is not the way it is. As a conservative republican, I do think that way too much money is spent on social programs that harm society more than help. It does not mean that I don't want to help poor people, I just don't believe that setting up programs that enable people to fail in life is a good idea. And, a "tax cut" for people that do not pay taxes should be called welfare, because that is what it is!

Of course, I have no problems being friends with people that are voting for Obama...apparently, I have a lot of them. :( Politics are tough because people feel so strongly about it, but as strong as I feel about my opinions, I am always really interested in knowing what the other side thinks and believes.

Tasha said...

AS far as I am concerned You are not a loser! This election was very interesting to me and I 'm not sure every voter put as much thought into it as you did, I'm proud of you.

I am an independent by nature but you have encouraged me to think about the issues and what is important to me , turns out I am more Republican than I thought. No matter what , who ever wins I always think things will turn out ok ( not great but ok) because of the checks and balances of our government and I really believe it is the whole government that runs the country and not just the one "president."

Although it disappoints me to have a non military person being in charge of our military.

The other concern I have is the whole race issue. I have no problem with a black president , but I do have a problem with one being elected because he is black. I hope the election was true to the canditate and not his race. I also hope that racial issues will finally become history and no longer part of our present.

I wish we could impeach the first lady though. I do like Obama but not his wife.