Saturday, November 22, 2008

Like my new table???

I ordered it from and the UPS guy brought it yesterday...5 minutes before I had to pick the boys up from school. I was really anxious to put it together...I don't know why....we have lived in this house for 5 years without a table in the foyer....but, whatever. So, after I got home with the boys and we went through the school stuff, and had a snack, I went to work on my new project.

The Internet comments said that it goes together very easily and would take about 20 minutes. All I needed to do was get everything out of the box, attach the 4 legs and the bottom shelf. Cool! I was totally into getting the table together. The boys were in the family room playing, but soon came into the foyer to see what I was doing. They found the box full of styrofoam pieces and started to play with it. I was so focused on my table that I was just happy that they found something to occupy themselves. I knew that they were making a mess, but I figured that I would quickly clean it up when I was finished with the table. Ha! I was "smart" enough to tell them that they needed to stay in the living room with the styrofoam.

Spencer got home when I was about 1/2 way finished with the table. He took a look at the mess in the living room and gave me a look like I was insane. I told him not to worry, that the boys and I would clean it up when I was done with the table.

"look mom....snow!!"

Boy, was I wrong. Yes, it only took me 20 minutes to put together the table. But, I had NO IDEA what a mess styrofoam makes. I hate styrfoam. Yuck! I've always hated styrfoam. I hate the noise it makes when you pull something in styrofoam out of a box, I hate the way a styrofoam cup tastes, it is just yucky!! But, as low of my opinion of styrofoam is, I had no idea what it can do to a house when you CRUSH IT! OMG, it was everywhere!!! And, it was staticy....It stuck to everything!! It was all over the floor, stuck to the furniture, stuck to the kids, IT WAS STUCK TO THE WALL!!! Do you know how hard it is to clean up staticy, teenie-tiny pieces of yuck?!?! I spent an HOUR *trying* to clean it up last night. I had to stop because we had to have dinner and the a Cub Scout Pack Meeting. I spent more time cleaning up today, but I still haven't gotten it all. Since I was not able to get it all quickly, we have tracked it all over the house. I found it in the boys sheets when I was "re"-making their beds this morning. I swear, we are going to be finding this stuff when we are looking for Easter Eggs.

But, it is a nice table...wouldn't ya say??? :)


Jennifer said...

LOL! You'll probably be finding styrofoam as long as we found tiny rubber bands, years after we no longer had braces. Good luck, and love the table!

Mishelle said...

Um...ironically we had the same issue earlier this week with that crap!! I also HATE styrofoam!! I'm still finding it too...we can comisserate together. I do like the table!

Anonymous said...

Like the table!


Cathy said...

LOL!!! I was just thinking the same thing that Spencer did!! Are you nuts!! LOL!!! The table looks really nice... I am sure if we come back a year later... we might still find styrofoam somewhere! Like they say... learn from your mistakes... so are you gonna let the boys play with styrofoam again?... not uless it's outside! LOL!! What are you gonna put on the table? :)

Katie said...

love the table! who would have thought it would make such a mess! Consider it a Christmas decoration....