Monday, November 17, 2008


I quit!

So, after posting the last post, I went back to the stupid rating site and, for fun (NOT!), I ran some other blogs. This is my sister's blog rating.

blog readability test

Give me a break! She's got a very nice blog, but genius level?, when I am high school level?. I'm crushed. I introduced her to the blogging world and now she is killing me at it! I'm never going to get over this competitiveness with my sister, am I? Grrrrr....and I was having such a good day.

Genius??? Seriously???

PS. And, NO, I don't know why the font is screwed up and really tiny. And, I don't know how to fix it. Go read Jen's blog if it bothers you. ;)


Tasha said...

As far as the competition goes , it will never end with your sister , but to cheer you up you always seem to have me beat! Although, I personally thought you would be the genius blogger over her(sorry Jen). Although as a teacher maybe the way she writes it might have gotten her bonus points. I haven't checked , but mine is probably pre-school level!

Mishelle said...

Well...of course I had to look...and my blog is only college level. Undergrad to be exact if that makes you feel any better! lol

Jennifer said...

Seriously, I think it is hilarious that my blog was rated at the genius level. Do you think it was my “Diaper Rash or Football” post? Or maybe the scorer was impressed with the fact that “I Made Lemonade”… LOL!!! Honestly I wouldn’t have thought any of my posts about poop and spit-up would appeal to the geniuses… Who woulda’ thought?!? On your defense, maybe you get points taken off for people like me writing dumb comments on your blog… I’ll continue to put my genius brain to work and figure this predicament out for you :-).

msmichelel said...

Hi Kelly, sorry to say I was laughing when I read your post. Of course it then got me curious as to my level!
(Would it be wrong to toot my horn and say I got a genius rating too?) I sure didn't expect a high rating. I did check your sisters blog and how can you not love those little guys pics! Yes, your boys are handsome and cute too, but them being babies has that AWWW factor.
You know you have a great blog, so now I look forward to reading more from you as now you'll be trying to post even funnier stuff, lol!

Katie said...

Ok mine is High School too - must mean it's easy for people to understand and read? With the genius level you probably need some brains to get it, which if we understand those blogs we must be smart too? LOL!

Cathy said...

Hey... where did my comment go that I wrote earlier today?? Did it get erased? What's the matter... did you not like the fact that I liked your blog better than anyone's blog? Whatever!