Monday, February 25, 2008

Sisters....Just for fun!!!

Please know this was written in a very light-hearted and fun tone.

I would guess that anyone that has a sibling close in age often finds themselves in quite a bit of competition with that sibling. If you add that with the fact that the Conneely family is extremely competitive by nature, my sister and I were bound to engage in a little 'friendly' competition now and then.

Kelly 3, Jennifer 2

As the "big sister", I think that I probably have taken our competitions a little more seriously than my sister. It really does stink to lose to your "little sister"....what a blow to an ego! Whether we were playing tennis or Monopoly, it really hurt to lose to her. Because of my experience, I always root for the older sibling. Venus Williams is my favorite tennis player, I was so sad for her when her little sister was beating her in all of the humiliating. I also will always root for Payton Manning over Eli. Of course I am glad that Serena and Eli are doing well, but I want them to lose to their big brother/sister every time!

That little sister needs to sit still. ;)

Guess who's fish is bigger???

Same sport, different school.
Thank Goodness!!!
I guess she wins the hair contest though...LOL!!

Well, I am about to lose a huge contest to my sister. My triplets were born at 33 weeks and 6 days. I have been quite proud of that accomplishment over the past few years. I realize that this accomplishment had little to do with things that I had any control over, but regardless, it was a tough road, I worked hard and I was proud. Well..........tomorrow is the day that my sister hits 33 weeks 6 days. While of course, I am thrilled that she has made it that far, a little piece of the child in me is sorta bummed to lose such a big contest.

Now, in my defense, I have to mention two things that I would like to have considered before declaring me the loser of this particular contest. (Maybe I could get a star next to my score or something.)

1. My sister's doctor, who happens to be the same doctor that I used, has been telling Jen for the last few weeks that it is his goal to get her to 34 weeks so that she can beat my family record! I was really surprised that he took such an interest in this. Well, it turns out that he is the "little brother" in his family and his big brother is only a year older. That seems a bit unfair if you ask me. He was totally biased and using his 'doctor power' to give her an unfair advantage.

2. I also did not realize, when I my kids were born, that I was going to be involved in this competition. Had I known that my sister was going to get pregnant with triplet boys almost 6 years later and challenged my family record, I surely could have hung out a few more days. Maybe a couple more days of magnesium sulfate would have kept those boys cookin' a bit longer and I would have been unbeatable by my little sister.

What do you think?!?! At least a star with a footnote?????

So, anyway, in all seriousness, I really am thrilled that Jen is almost 33w6d. It was a very lucky number for our family and a few months ago, it seemed so unobtainable for her, considering her situation at the time. I can't believe she made it this far. Way to go!! If I had to lose a contest to her, I guess this is a good one to lose. Pretty soon, we can talk about first kids to walk, talk, sleep through the night. Actually, I don't think that I am going to win any of those contests. I think that I've got first kid to read locked up though....then again, I've been taken by surprise before. ;)

Here she is at 33w2d!
That doctor really should end this put her out of her now! ;)


Laura said...

Don't feel like it's a competition! You have beautiful triplets and another beautiful boy! I am so grateful that your sister has gotten this far...I remember when you posted and she was 27 weeks or so and I remembered all I went through! Kelly - no matter how far she goes, you ROCKED pregnancy and got three beautiful boys!! (and a bonus baby later!)

Laura said...

p.s. I love the picture of you two with the Nellie Olson curls!

Anonymous said...


Your post brought tears to my eyes. It's a very nice tribute to your sister. Being a little sister myself, I have to say....Go Little Sista! ;)


Hilbrant Family said...

You aren't too old for another set. I am thinking there might then be 10 boys in the family though....

Jennifer said...

The Little Sister’s Reply- Yes, the Conneely girls have always been, and will always be very competitive. As far as this current situation is concerned, I not only beat you with the length of my pregnancy, but I over doubled your hospital stay (I’m up to 85 nights) and weights (both mine :-( and the boys… A= 5lbs7ozs, B=3lbs14ozs, and C=4lbs0ozs) as of 34w. Not only that, but thanks to you I won with having the best “Mommy Mentor” in the world!!! With all the competitions that we have participated in, I’d say that tops them all, which means I WON the finals!!! I Love You!!!